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Line Leader - 2nd shift

Posted: 05-14-19

The Line Leader is responsible for assigning work to team members in their cell to meet the daily production goals. The Line Leader ensures the company quality policies are adhered to resulting it the production of quality parts. This role will also cross-train and provide support in Set-up as needed.
1. Arrives approximately 10 minutes prior to start of assigned shift and receives daily activity report from Assembly Manager outlining the goals and production priorities for the day.

2.Coordinates with previous shift Line Leader to discuss any quality and/or production issues.

3.Ensures safety of the assembly line to include the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, safe handling of materials and proper use of presses.

4.Accurately reports daily production sheets and scrap tickets.

5.Enters SAP transactions and prints labels for necessary jobs.

6.Verifies assembly line has been set-up according to specified procedures and verifies the 5 piece quality check has been signed off.

7.Ensures team members can properly perform assigned operation and follows the appropriate quality checks. Provides on-the-job training as needed to ensure quality production.

8.Maintains daily production rates of greater than 90%. Reports substandard performance to the Assembly Manager/Section Leader.

9.Reports line activity using the Light System for efficiency, quality, set-up, and material handling.

10.Reports all applicable line down time, non-conforming material and press malfunctions to Assembly Manager/Section Leader.

11.Enforces housekeeping standards and ensures work centers and floors are clean of all debris.

12.Encourages teamwork and leads by example.

13.Performs all other duties as assigned.
•Associate’s degree.

•Minimum 3 years of relatable production experience.

•Ability to read, write, and communicate in English.

•Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and motivate a group.

•Basic mathematical skills.

•Basic computer skills.

•Strong mechanical aptitude and ability to use hand tools.

•Ability to work effectively both independently and as a member of a team within a culturally diverse workplace.

Assembly Machine Operator - 3rd shift

Posted: 05-14-19

The Machine Operator is responsible for setting up and operating assigned automation machines producing the appropriate parts based upon production needs.
1. Operates assigned number of machines simultaneously as required and completes the appropriate paperwork including production sheets and scrap sheets.
2. Visually inspects and gauges required number of parts as called out on the inspection plan to ensure an accuracy that will meet quality specifications.
3. Performs light maintenance work as necessary and calls appropriate Maintenance Mechanic for complex problems.
4. Detects and reports defective material, machine defects, or questionable conditions to the Line Leader/Section Leader.
5. Remains cross-trained in assembly to provide coverage as needed.
6. Maintains work area and equipment in a clean and orderly fashion, abiding by company rules and safety regulations.
7. Performs all other duties as assigned.
• High School diploma or GED
• One year of relatable experience
• Ability to read and interpret blueprints and schematics.
• Ability to follow and execute detailed processes/directions.
• Basic mathematical skills.
• Basic computer skills.
• Basic mechanical ability and knowledge of machine operation.
• Ability to work effectively in a team environment in a culturally diverse workplace.

Quality Auditor - 1st & 2nd shift

Posted: 05-14-19

The Quality Auditor is responsible for conducting audits of manufacturing processes for compliance to work instructions, blueprints, safety regulations, and quality system procedures related to their responsible department. The position will be responsible for performing a wide variety of activities pertaining to assuring compliance with PPC requirements primarily through conducting quality system and manufacturing audits.
1. Conducts audits and component inspections in responsible areas by performing dimensional and mechanical measurements using micrometers, calipers, force gauges, dial indicators, thread and plug gauge, and other precision measuring tools.
2. Verifies manufacturing and quality documentation is available and updated as needed.
3. Performs 1st piece inspection and production process approval as needed, prior to the start of production.
4. Provides technical measurements and analysis of components and assemblies in support of high volume production operation.
5. Performs process inspections involving the reading, understanding, auditing, and enforcing of department procedures, processes and work instructions pertinent to the production floor.
6. Works with other departments and supervisors to answer questions, solve problems, get gauging or raise issue to appropriate levels of management or disposition.
7. Collects and reports data from performed audits and accurately records the information using appropriate check sheets, Statistical Process Control (SPC), SAP, and/or Microsoft Office systems.
8. Moves all rejected, non-confirming material to designated areas for sorting, testing, further disposition and verification.
9. Verifies all rejected material has been sorted to ensure non-conforming product has been removed.
10. Serves as a resource and provides training to new employees as needed.
11. Remains cross-trained in two or more quality areas to be available as back-up personnel when business needs require it.
• High School diploma or GED
• One year of relatable experience
• Strong computer skills to include Microsoft Office Suite and SAP are preferred.
• Proficiency in Blueprint reading preferred.
• Proven ability to utilize precision hand tools such as calipers, micrometers, height gages, thread gages, bore micrometers, etc.
• Proficiency to operate a SmarScope Vision Inspection System, X-Ray Machine, and / or Instron force testing machine preferred.
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